Sport and Business Communications

Much more than conventional "media training", Prospect provides a wide range of services to its many clients...

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Communications Books by Michael

Want to learn how to communicate better, but, don't have time or too far for one-on-one services? Enhance your skills with these great books!

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Who we are and How we'll get you there!

Learn about how we started, our experience and what our mission is to ensure your public speaking abilities are impeccable.

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Credible and Thoughtful Communication Services
It's not just what you say but how you say it


I personally feel like I've gained more practical knowledge from a single day of public speaking training with Michael than I have in all of my communications studies in university.

Benoit Huot Paralympic Olympic Swimmer, Gold Medalist

Personally I have been truly enriched by Michael's knowledge, experience and insight.

The late Pat Quinn Former NHL Coach, Head Coach of 2002 Olympic Gold Medal team

He is fantastic to work with – engaging, reliable and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Michael for any communications, media, issues management and any similarly related work.

Brandy Tanenbaum, CRM Program Coordinator, Sunnybrook RBC Canada First Office for Injury Prevention

…This isn't about learning how to perform or ‘spin’, it’s about learning how to communicate one’s message on a wide level. I still use Michael’s techniques on regular basis.

Andy Nulman President, CMO at Just For Laughs