Prospect Communications provides much more than conventional “media training”.

Issues Management – We help clients identify the issues they face, internally and externally. We educate business and sports leaders when it comes to media awareness and also in terms of identifying—and managing—difficult issues.

Credible Messaging – We have vast experience when it comes to assisting clients to develop thoughtful, credible and most importantly, clear and straightforward responses and messages for their various audiences.

We don’t teach clients to avoid or evade tough questions.  Those need to be addressed directly—and with integrity.  And we help most by helping our clients understand why credible, responsive answers and messages are in fact necessary.

We are not typical “Public Relations” people.  We are experienced, valued advisors who provide one-on-one, high-level counsel and have done our work for more than 35 years in the communications field.

We have counselled countless individuals and organizations when it comes to personal skills development, notably in the area of public speaking and individual presentation skills.  We have assisted numerous organizations in helping to craft powerful, credible messages to help them build even better relationships with their stakeholders.

So whether it be personal coaching, media preparedness, identifying and handling sensitive issues with credibility or developing powerful messages, we can provide you with the same kind of counsel and support we have provided so many others.