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Thoughts on Leadership in the Youth Sports World

Good “leadership” manifests itself in many ways. Some leaders are quiet and lead by example.  Others are excellent mentors. Others still are great motivators and inspire those around them. There are leaders in business.  Thought leaders.  Political leaders.  Religious leaders. Leaders in ensuring the world is a more understanding, inclusive place. Some people are considered

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FIVE simple communication tips to enhance relationships in business—and life

One of the main reasons that relationships break down relates to one issue: communication. Whether it’s between life partners, coach-player, boss-employee or parent-child, communication often makes or breaks the relationship. Why does communication often fail in relationships?  There are a host of reasons, but it may be fair to suggest that two broad categories come

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Youth hockey coaches: you can inspire your players and help build confidence through better communication

We have written extensively here over the years about a wide range of issues, from building organizational trust and credibility to how leaders can prepare to interact with the media in an engaging, thoughtful and credible manner. One other area of significant interest for us remains the role of the coach in youth sports.  The

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