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Confidence and young athletes

Maintaining confidence can be an elusive thing for the very best professional athletes.  So it’s no wonder that many young athletes need support when it comes to their own development in this area. Even highly paid professional athletes go through times when their confidence is quite fragile.  A “goal scorer” who doesn't score for a

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Acknowledgment: one significant key to organizational credibility

Something I’ve stressed to clients over many, many years is the value of a simple word that can mean a lot of different things: acknowledgement. Acknowledgement can be as simple as, say, acknowledging receipt of someone’s e-mail. It can be acknowledging a colleague’s birthday.  It could be recognizing—privately or publicly—the good work of a dedicated

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Have you ever wondered why your organization might be losing credibility?

10 simple questions to determine if your organization is providing good customer service In the work that I have done with dozens of businesses (large, blue-chip companies and smaller businesses as well), not-for-profit organizations and many professional and sports clients over the past twenty five years, one thing continues to stand out for me:  it takes

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