Business Client Testimonials

"I was my company's designated spokesman for a controversial issue. Calm and comfortable in front of the camera and microphone for over two decades, I thought that I should be the one doing the teaching. But in my first hour with Michael, I was humbled to the point of embarrassment.

He opened doors to a series of possibilities I never fathomed (doors I wished had remained shut, frankly), and taught me how to deal with each and every one of them. The end result that was whether sitting before a Senate Committee, ambushed by a scrum of cameras, or questioned by strangers on a street, I was able to handle myself in a manner that was forceful, yet professional. This isn't about learning how to perform or "spin," it's about learning how to communicate one's message on a wide level.

I still use his techniques on a regular basis."

Andy Nulman

President, Festivals and Television at Just For Laughs

CMO at Just For Laughs 


 "I have engaged Michael for his presentation skills training several times over the past few years, each time with excellent results. As a marketing representative of various major brands, a vital part of my job is effective communication and presentation skills. Michael's training was informative, insightful and effective. His training taught me techniques that helped me to refine my approach for more impactful presentations and, without question, bolstered my confidence before I headed to the stage. I wholeheartedly recommend Michael for presentation and media skills training and welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future."

Alyssa Stuart

Account Supervisor

Faye Clack Communications Inc.


"Your session has provided me and members of our organization the confidence to respond to the media who can be very intimidating at times. By giving us the skills and the protocol to use with the media we feel we have been prepared to handle a situation that can be critical and stressful. Thanks again for your professionalism."

John Spatazzo

Board Member, Council of Catholic Service Organizations

and Executive Director, CYO

 "I’ve called on Michael’s advisory services many times, with different organizations, over the past 15 years or more.  In my experience working with him over the years, he’s never failed to deliver on the promise of valuable insights, enhanced skill and an increased level of comfort for participants in their roles as ambassadors for their organizations and expert subject-matter spokespersons.  The benefit of working with someone with Michael’s disarming sense of humour has always been appreciated. It puts people at ease, and that enhances the learning experience.  Michael has been a key factor in the success of the media, issues management and presentation skills training initiated over the years, including here at CACDS.”

Nadine Saby

President and Chief Executive Officer

Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores


 "I have worked with Michael on several occasions and have always found his insight and counsel tremendously valuable. His extensive experience in communications and issues management has delivered unique value to the Foundation and definitely elevated our ability to communicate more effectively with our diverse stakeholder base."

Jordan Berman

Former Senior Advisor, National Communications & Brand Strategy

 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation


 "Michael has a great sense of personal honor. He provided to those of us – physicians and scientists – involved in this sensitive situation with unending and very valuable support and advice. All of us who benefited from his wise counsel, sense of humor and unique professional skills recognize that Michael is a national treasure."

Dr. Nancy Olivieri, MD, FRCPC

The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Professor, Pediatrics and Medicine

University of Toronto

(Dr. Olivieri has been involved, for many years, in an effort to make public her concerns about the alleged potential dangers of a drug she had been testing in clinical trials sponsored by a pharmaceutical company. Her principled stand has become an enduring legacy regarding the safety of children and the need for researchers to remain truly independent.)

 "I was part of a senior executive management team of a publicly traded company when I got to know Michael. He regularly advised and prepared us for events such as Annual General Meetings, quarterly and other public disclosures — press conferences and conference calls with the financial community and investors — and product launches. Michael always brought focus, discipline and an over-powering common sense to these high pressure and critically important events. Almost as important was Michael’s sense of humor, which he always summoned at just the right time and with just the right amount of discretion.

 I enjoyed working with Michael as a professional and as someone who operates like he has skin in the game."

Bob Boron

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Former Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Call-Net Enterprises and Sprint Canada


 "Over the years, Michael has guided and prepared my colleagues and myself to handle a variety of communications issues. He is truly an expert that adds practical and tangible value to me and to our organization at large. He is a terrific coach and uses his sharp wit to make the learning experience that much more enjoyable."

Michael Cloutier

President and Chief Executive Officer

AstraZeneca Canada Inc.,

Former President

Searle Canada (now Pharmacia Canada), Mississauga, Ontario



 "Michael has done a fabulous job facilitating large groups of people on a number of issues within our organization. He is a great communicator and has helped us considerably in the areas of crisis management, media relations and communications within our organization."

Norma Kent

Former CBC journalist,

Former Communications Specialist

The Arthritis Society