You can’t play youth sports with a piano on your back!

Whenever I have the opportunity to conduct our seminar on how communication can help to build confidence and characters in young athletes, one of the things I stress to the youth coaches on hand is this:  a kid can’t play youth sports with a piano on their back.

I try to reinforce that message—and others—in a recent podcast hosted by Craig Haworth, from “Winning Youth Coach".

Craig launched his program earlier this summer and has been able to attract outstanding coaches to discuss a wide range of topics to assist fellow coaches in preparing to work more effectively with young athletes. I was delighted to be invited to appear as a guest, to discuss my perspective as someone who has been a sometimes coach but more importantly as a longtime communications professional and sports parent for more than 25 years.

Here’s a link to Episode 18 of the Winning Youth Coach podcast: ‪ 

If you visit Craig’s web site, you’ll see a link to all the other episodes. I hope you enjoy the programs.