Issues Management

All—yes, all—members of the corporate and sports world have issues at one time or another. Corporate leaders, coaches and athletes have strengths and weaknesses which interest the media; they have prooblems like anyone else. 
  • We help our clients recognize they need to improve communication throughout their organization (whether it is corporate, not-for-profit or sports) and also how they respond to various matters externally.  
  • When handled appropriately, though, an issue can be prevented from developing into a serious problem (or, worse, a crisis).
  • Issues management is a process of identifying and pro-actively dealing with issues before they intensify. In some cases, this means actively working to remedy the situation privately, by relying on communications skills to ameliorate internal organization conflicts, for example. In other cases, this means preparing to deal with issues publicly in an interview or press conference.
  • Prospect’s issues management process leads to the development of a practical, hands-on guide—an “issues sheet” or “issues book” (depending on the size)—which is developed in conjunction with the client or organization. Prospect continues to work extensively to help individuals and organizations identify their core issues, and subsequently to construct and prepare appropriate and credible message strategies that will allow them deal with, and communicate effectively about, these issues.