The Maple Leafs of My Youth

Michael Langlois, host of the popular “Vintage Leaf Memories” blog site, has authored “The Maple Leafs of my Youth” to help bridge the past and present for Toronto Maple Leaf fans around the world. Born in 1953 and a Leaf supporter since the late 1950s, Michael shares personal stories and memories about players, events and moments that are part of the unique legacy of the Maple Leaf franchise. “The Maple Leafs of my Youth” is not a book about statistics, research or what is commonly known about the Maple Leafs.  It is in fact a very personal memoir of what it has meant to be a fan of the Leafs through very changing times, and why the franchise still matters to this day to countless supporters, despite decades without a championship.

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During Prospect’s long history of working with professional and amateur members of the sports community (e.g. draft-eligible athletes, and both professional and amateur coaches), company-President Michael Langlois crafted a number of informal guides and handbooks for use by his clients.