You Can Be an Inspirational Youth Hockey Coach!

Michael Langlois has drawn on more than three decades of experience as a communications professional—and almost as many as a youth sports parent—to develop hi new eBook “You Can Be an Inspirational Youth Hockey Coach!”. This new eBook provides youth hockey coaches with a range of simple, practical and effective tips to assist them in their interaction with their players as well as with parents. Importantly, the book discusses ways that youth coaches can help to build confidence and character in their players. The book is especially useful for those who coach youngsters between the ages of 10 and 16, though the insights shared should help any youth coach.
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What Our Readers Said...

“Too often youth coaches get caught up in the Xs and Os of the game and forget that they are dealing with children and the parents of children. Effective communication skills are necessary to be an effective coach and team leader. This book on communication provides many important tips and ideas that will help youth coaches communicate better with their players and the parents. I recommend this to all youth coaches.”

Hal Tearse Hal Tearse, Coach-in-Chief, Minnesota Hockey

“A Guide to Better Communication for Minor Hockey Coaches was very useful. I would love for the coaches in my youth organization to read it. If it were my choice I’d make it mandatory reading.”

Joyce Strong Joyce Strong, Coaching Coordinator, Groton Junior Hockey Association Massachusetts

“I read Michael’s book with interest. I have been coaching for 15 years and Coach Mentor of Newmarket Hockey for the past three years. We are challenged to find good resource material for our coaches; Michael’s guide should prove valuable in giving our coaches insights into good communication practices. I hope to ensure that every coach reads this book.”

Kirk Kelly Kirk Kelly, Coach Mentor, Newmarket Minor Hockey Association Newmarket, Ontario

“Thanks to Michael for writing this wonderful book.

As a manager of the team, it provided me with some outstanding tools to use when communicating with parents. Practical advice such as ‘The 24 Hour Rule’ and the reminder that, ‘Hearing is an sense. Listening is a skill.’ have already helped me in a few instances.

The checklists were fabulous, especially the ‘Your Relationship with Your Players’. It provided a concise list of elements that must be communicated to the player to be sure we are setting proper expectations and providing a positive tone…

This book is a must read for all coaches and managers at all levels of hockey. In fact, most of the advice is useful to the coaching and managing for any sport.”

Peter J. DellaGrotte Peter J. DellaGrotte, Manager, '95 Connecticut Clippers Squirt Major

“I enjoyed A Guide to Better Communication for Minor Hockey Coaches. I have already used the ‘what motivates you’ section and it has paid off. We have distributed the book to each of our youth coaches. I’m sure they will benefit.”

Kerry Zelanka Kerry Zelanka, New York Apple Core Junior Hockey
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