Services for Athletes

Over the years, Michael has been a trusted one-on-one coach and personal advisor to a number of young athletes, most notably in the hockey world.  He has worked closely with players who have been standouts in the Ontario Hockey League and were later drafted into the National Hockey League.  He has also built relationships with many others who have played professionally in Europe or earned scholarships and played at the U.S. and Canadian collegiate levels.

Michael works with individuals not only to help them with their overall communication and interpersonal skills but also to assist them in working through the challenging relationships (e.g., player-coach) that exist in the world of sports. 

Perhaps most importantly for young athletes who also take education seriously, as a longtime life skills advisor, Michael helps them focus on their academic life as well as their sporting passions.  He works with them to build their inner confidence so they can be at their best on and off the field of play.


“Michael is an expert at identifying the key issues with athletes and helping them find the best solutions to their problems. Michael is very easy to talk to and makes athletes feel very comfortable. Working with him while playing in the OHL helped me focus on what was important and not get caught up with outside factors that can serve as distractions. There are many different things going on while playing junior hockey that can discourage and distract a young athlete. Michael provided experienced guidance that helped me. I would recommend any athlete working with Michael as his experience and knowledge provides valuable insight.”

Neil Conway (2014)

Former Ontario Hockey League and

CIS goaltender, now playing professionally in Europe


My son Mike, who played hockey at the NCAA level, used the services of Prospect Communications and Michael Langlois while he was in high school and college.  Michael was a tremendous help in assisting my son with building confidence in his communication skills and attitude when communicating with coaches, management and teachers.   He was also extremely helpful in dealing with the unique situation of an elite athlete keeping their focus on positive outcomes.  I highly recommend Michael for his one-on-one personal services.  Michael offered a very comfortable and secure environment and it was a pleasure to have him work with my son.”

Don McDonald (2014)


Whitby, Ontario


"Michael Langlois has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist aspiring athletes in developing a greater appreciation for the importance of proper communication. He highlights the importance of maintaining one's integrity in their pursuit of excellence. I highly recommend his services."

Paul Dennis, PhD.

Former Player Development Coach, Toronto Maple Leafs

"We at The Hockey Group have used Michael's services on several occasions. Our players have met with Mike on a variety of issues and each of them have found him to be extremely knowledgable and easy to work with. Michael has the ability to put you at ease and our players feel they can contact him at any time over any issue. We have found that Michael goes above and beyond when it comes to dealing with our players and helping them through any issues that they may have and we strongly recommend him as he is more than able to deal with any situation that an elite athlete encounters. 

Gerry McKeown

Director of Hockey Operations/Ontario Director of the Hockey Group

(the sports representation agency operated by NHLPA certified agent Mike   McArthur)

"Working with Michael and Prospect has been really helpful over the past couple of years. The kind of support and counsel they provide before NHL team interviews and the draft, for example, is something I appreciated and was a real benefit to me."

Carlo Colaicovo

Former Toronto Maple Leaf  (Maple Leafs First-Round Draft Choice, 2001)