During Prospect’s long history of working with professional and amateur members of the sports community (e.g. draft-eligible athletes, as well as both professional and amateur coaches), Michael Langlois developed a number of informal guides and handbooks for use by his clients. In most cases, these guides were originally intended to serve as brief reminders of some of the core themes and ideas which Prospect had presented in its public talks, seminars, and in private, one-on-one coaching sessions.

A few years ago, Prospect began offering these book to all members of the public.  Since then, Prospect’s publications have received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Even those who have not yet had the opportunity to work in-person with Michael have indicated that they benefited greatly from the substantive advice offered in these works.

In keeping with the technology of the times, Michael developed, in the summer of 2013, a new eBook called, “A Guide to Effective Communication for Youth Soccer Coaches” and  "You Can Be an Inspirational Youth Hockey Coach" in September of 2014.

Michael has also written an eBook about his lifelong hockey passion, entitled, “The Maple Leafs of My Youth: what being a Leaf fan means to me”.  The well-received eBook is also highlighted at Michael’s hockey blog Vintage Leaf Memories.

While Michael is in the process of finalizing other new eBooks that will be offered here, we have continued to make available three of Michael’s books published previously.


Prospect Books and eBooks

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