Michael has been an invaluable support as we have worked through the significant change we are implementing throughout soccer in Ontario. As well as drafting very well positioned regular messages to our membership over the last two years Michael has always been ahead of the curve in terms of potential issue identification and ongoing management and support.

Michael has provided coaching and acted as a high-level advisor especially for some of the changes that have generated widespread media interest. Michael has also been very effective in presenting and communicating to key member groups on different topics over the last two years. Michael has turned around requests very quickly, often within a working day, for projects quite often out of scope and has always gone over and above in finding solutions. I can not speak more highly of how Michael and Prospect solutions continue to provide invaluable support and guidance to myself personally and our organization."

Alex Chiet
Technical Officer
Ontario Soccer Association

At Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club, we were delighted to have Michael as our guest speaker on "Building Confidence and Character Through Better Communication". The way Michael actively engaged our 60+ youth coaches with his professional and humorous presenting skills was second to none and a true inspiration with regards to communicating with people effectively. WISC highly recommends Michael's expertise to any organization that wants to take their communication levels to new heights. We look forward to expanding our working relationship with Michael in the future!

Mirco Schroff, Technical Director, York Region Soccer Assciation

Former Director of Coaching and Player Development
Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club

As the Technical Director for the Oakville Soccer Club from Nov. 2010 until June 2012, I had a number of opportunities to work with Michael Langlois. Each opportunity was a learning experience for me, and I found that I benefited greatly from Michael's excellent communication skills and advice.

I hired Michael to deliver a keynote presentation to the rep coaching staff at the Oakville Soccer Club, on the topic of effective communication. Michael not only engaged and entertained the coaches during his presentation, but more importantly, he taught them practical skills that they could use to improve their ability to communicate with their players and parents.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael's work – he is an engaging presenter with a wide range of skills that can be of great benefit to any organization that deals with communication.

Jason deVos, TSN Soccer Analyst

Former Captain, Canadian Men's National Soccer team
Former Technical Director, Oakville Soccer Club


"The 'Building Confidence and Character Through Better Communication' training session was very informative and inspiring, but most important of all it was educational for our coaches with respect to gaining communication skills. I was thoroughly impressed by the content and interactive engagement of the presenter with the coaches. We as group have gained valuable knowledge and are grateful to have gone through this training."

Sikander Kanji, AKYSB Gold Cup 

 "We at The Hockey Group have used Michael's services on several occasions. Our players have met with Mike on a variety of issues and each of them have found him to be extremely knowledgable and easy to work with. Michael has the ability to put you at ease and our players feel they can contact him at any time over any issue. We have found that Michael goes above and beyond when it comes to dealing with our players and helping them through any issues that they may have and we strongly recommend him as he is more than able to deal with any situation that an elite athlete encounters."

Gerry McKeown

Director of Hockey Operations/Ontario Director of the Hockey Group (the sports representation agency operated by NHLPA certified agent Mike McArthur)


“It was our pleasure to have Michael & Mary-Louise provide and strengthen such strong life messages to the members of our Club.  The guidelines and lessons you suggested I’m sure will reinforce our commitment to excellence for our Coaches. Thanks for the work you are doing for our Youth.”

Altaf Sarangi, CA

Glen Shields Soccer Club

"I have worked with Michael many times on specific media -related issues, as a facilitator for workshops and in the development of an issues-book. He is fantastic to work with – engaging, reliable, knowledgeable. I highly recommend Michael for any communications, media, issues management and similarly-related work."

Brandy Tanenbaum, CRM

Former Executive Director, Sport 4 Ontario

Former Manager, Risk Management, Ontario Hockey Federation


 "I learned of Michael several years ago from a number of professional and amateur coaches who had worked with him. When I was coaching in Toronto, I initially brought Michael in to tutor our young Maple Leaf prospects and draft choices to assist them in developing strong communication skills. Michael also provided media awareness training to prepare them for the intense Toronto sports scene.

Personally, I have been truly enriched by Michael's knowledge, experience, and insight. He became and has remained an invaluable resource and friend, providing me with expert counsel and guidance in a challenging and always changing professional world."

Pat Quinn

Former Head Coach, Edmonton Oilers

Head Coach, 2002 Team Canada Olympic Gold Medal squad

Head Coach, 2004 Team Canada World Cup Champions


"Thank you so much for an amazing session. I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you invested into preparing for and conducting the media presentation training. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, skills, expertise and experience with the Paralympics Ontario Ambassador team. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work together and I look forward to future professional partnerships.”

Helena Seymour

Development Manager

Paralympics Ontario


"All of our local coaches, despite varying backgrounds in public speaking, left the Prospect Communications workshop with valuable skills that I am sure will be used to inspire and engage our community.

I found the personal information Michael included especially memorable. Michael's approach to making the information personal and relevant for each participant made the time meaningful and fast paced.

At Active Cambridge we believe that being able to effectively communicate and share one’s mission, stories, and information is critical in increasing community capacity for physical activity. Prospect's seminar has moved our group one step closer to the goal.”

Andy Houraine

Active Cambridge

Cambridge, Ontario


"The Central Hockey League contacted Michael to speak to our Head Coaches about all areas of communication during our Annual League Meetings. After we saw the draft of his presentation, we added our Team Governors/General Managers as well as Public Relations/Broadcasters to his presentation groups. Michael's service was invaluable for all of these individuals in dealing with the media, Officials, their players and future employers. We appreciate the information and ideas that Michael was able to impart on our staffs.”

Duane Lewis

Vice President of Operations

Central Hockey League

Phoenix, Arizona



"Michael I would like to thank you as you have been a tremendous help to me. I personally feel that I have gained more practical knowledge from our single day of public speaking training than I have from all of my communications studies at university. I have applied many of the tips and suggestions you provided me with into my speeches and have gained a lot of confidence as a result."

Benoit Huot

Canadian National Paralympic Swim Team

S10 400-Metre World Record Holder


"Michael has been an advisor to me and I’ve been so consistently impressed that I have referred a number of people to him over the past several years. The success he has achieved with young athletes, for example, is remarkable. His work has deeply contributed to their improved attitudes and work ethic, helping them become true professionals both on and off the field of play. Michael also makes a real difference with his clients in terms of an individual’s public speaking ability, their interaction with the media, and in his role as a mentor and coach. The noticeable impact of his work is felt on a daily basis. I recommend Michael very highly."

Frank Giffen

Managing Director, Scotia Capital, Ireland


"Thank God for your media training – I think I put everything you have ever told me to use during those 12 days in London (at the 2005 Memorial Cup)!"

Aaron Bell

Director of Information, Canadian Hockey League


"Michael Langlois has a natural aptitude for the art and science of communicating. He and Mary-Louise are guiding me towards an understanding that as an athlete I am connected to other Canadians by a common door: the media.

With their enthusiam for sport and media they have shown me that not only honing my communication skills can be fun, but also rewarding in my work and personal life, too. Michael truly is a master communicator, an excellent mentor, teacher and friend."

Wendy Broad

Canadian National Amateur Women’s Boxing team

2001 Bantamweight World Amateur Championships Bronze medallist

2002 Canadian amateur bantamweight National Champion


"Your presentation received rave reviews and added a lot to our semi-annual meeting."

Tony Martindale

Executive Director, Alliance Hockey

(Michael spoke on the subject of "understanding — and building positive relationships — with the media.")


"Working with Michael and Prospect has been really helpful over the past couple of years. The kind of support and counsel they provide before NHL team interviews and the draft, for example, is something I appreciated and was a real benefit to me."

Carlo Colaicovo

Former Toronto Maple Leaf


(Maple Leafs First-Round Draft Choice, 2001)

 "Working with Michael and Prospect has been a pleasure and a real learning experience the past few years."

Tim Brent

Toronto Maple Leaf

Former Anaheim Ducks

(Ducks Second-Round Draft Choice, 2002)


"Michael Langlois has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist aspiring athletes in developing a greater appreciation for the importance of proper communication. He highlights the importance of maintaining one's integrity in their pursuit of excellence. I highly recommend his services."

Paul Dennis, PhD.

Former Player Development Coach, Toronto Maple Leafs


"The time spent with the Prospect Communications group was invaluable in dealing with everyday problems and situations that arise in today's world of professional sports. I would highly recommend Prospect Communications to all coaches and players."

Barry Trotz, Head Coach, Nashville Predators


"Thanks for such an insightful and practical experience.

The time that the staff of Ontario Hockey Federation member partners spent with you, has resulted in the acquisition of life skills necessary for them to perform their responsibilities, that will make them more responsive and more responsible to the media and the public.

Your care and attention to the smallest of details has laid a foundation that will increase their confidence and media skills."

Brent Ladds, President, Ontario Hockey Association


"For college athletes and coaches today, it is increasingly important to develop strong communication and media skills. I had the opportunity to attend Michael Langlois' talk on this subject recently at the American Hockey Coaches Association convention, and was duly impressed with his presentation. The work he does with coaches–and athletes–is all the more important these days given the high profile and media attention placed on those in the sports world."

Red Berenson

Former NHL player and NHL Head Coach

Member, Team Canada, 1972

Head Coach, University of Michigan Men's Hockey program, 1984-present


"I first met Michael Langlois in 1995, and have found his expertise and guidance in dealing with the press to be of genuine value since then. There is a lot we don't know when we come into professional hockey. It can only help to take advantage of the knowledge that someone like Michael and his colleagues have developed over the years. Any time you spend with Michael would be of great benefit to you in your career."

Keith Acton

Former Assistant Coach, Toronto Maple Leafs

Former Assistant Coach, Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers

Former NHL player


"The services that Prospect offers are more and more crucial to today's athletes and coaches."

Brad Delgarno

President, Starshot Ventures Inc.


Former NHL player, NHLPA member, and player representative

 “Congratulations on the wonderful job you are doing in helping young athletes in so many areas. The work you are doing should be taught to all athletes throughout the world, and they would not only improve their lives, but it would make the world a better place to live in."

Keep up your good work.”

Dale Brown, Long-time Head Basketball Coach, Louisiana State University