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Communication skills for coaches and parents in youth sports
Prospect founder Michael Langlois has both an extensive professional and personal background in youth sports. He has worked with youth sports organizations such as the Ontario Hockey Federation and extensively with the Ontario Soccer Association.   His articles and books have gained praise throughout the youth sports world.

The father of four children, Michael is also a longtime sports parent, and knows first hand how important communication skills are for parents and coaches involved in minor sports, and how often the interests of children playing sports are compromised because of an inadequate focus on good communication.

Prospect offers seminars and workshops for parents, coaches, and administrators within the youth sports community. Michael's articles on youth sports are available to read here on the Prospect website, and his books on the subject are available for purchase in our shop.

Youth Sports Articles by Michael Langlois

The articles below have been reproduced internationally by various youth sports organizations. Clink on the link to read the article.

Soccer Sideline Etiquette for Parents - This article offers advice to parents on how they can use self-reflection to appropriately modify their behaviour during their children's sporting events. It has been reproduced by the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association and the California South Soccer Association, among many others, and was adapted for the Western Spring Football Club in New Zealand.

The Youth Soccer Coaches' Checklist: Doing the Right Things when Interacting with your Players – An overview of critically important communication tools for coaches of youth soccer. It has been reproduced by the National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada and by the Coaches Association of British Columbia.

Hockey Rink Etiquette for Parents – Michael discusses similar themes to those addressed in his soccer sideline etiquette article, with a specific focus on youth hockey. It has been reproduced by the Ontario Hockey Federation and the Canton (Mass.) Youth Hockey Assoiation, among other organizations.

15 Traits – Good and Bad – That Coaches Should Look for in True Teams Players in Youth Hockey - Michael helps establish some "ground rules" for helping youth hockey coaches find the type of player that helps make the season great for everybody – the true team player.

15 Traits – Good and Bad – That Coaches Should Look for in True Teams Players in Youth Soccer - Michael turns his expertise in helping coaches find team players toward the world of soccer. This article has been reproduced by the Chilliwack Youth Soccer Association and on